Dwarf Handcuffs

Budapest Stag Do - Dwarf Handcuffs

The ultimate impish stag party prank before the stag gets hitched for life - a traditional Budapest Stag Do for a hardcore stag weekend!

Have you or your mates ever wondered what it would be like to be attached to your very own mini me? If the answer is 'Yes' then you've hit the jackpot with this hysterical 'handcuffed to a dwarf' Budapest Stag Do. It's guaranteed to have all the lads in stitches and the stag with his hands well and truly full for an hour.

This fun Budapest Stag Do will get your stag weekend off to a colossal start and is best opted for as part of the Budapest pub and club crawl, where our intrepid dwarf for hire can sneakily handcuff himself to the unsuspecting stag while he is at the bar.

An hour can seem a very long time when you have such 'close' friends. Especially when they are handcuffed to you for everything you do. Yes, that involves going to the lavatory too!

There will be no getting away from our dwarf on this stag weekend, even if you are caught short.

The price includes:
  • Lovely local guide
  • 1 hour handcuffed to a Hungarian dwarf session
  • The perfect chance to appreciate the little things in life
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